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 Because "pot is dangerous" there should be a harsher punishment? 1- "smoke in the lung Is dangerous" then first cigarettes should be illegal because it is known that smoking cigs is way worse for your lungs than smoking weed. 2- There are so many accidents when people speed. Does that mean we need to make driving illegal? obviously not! smoking and drinking should be done responsibly and only people who don't abide by these rules should be punished. The war on Marijuana has failed. Anyone who says that it is dangerous has not done research. It does less harm than that coca cola your drinking and this is scientifically proven Cigarettes Wholesale Online. And by the way they did research people who are drinkers and addicted to cigarettes are 42% more likely to try harder drugs, Marijuana has zero scaling with harder drugs according to the UCLA tests. (this has been tested in 6 other universities as well and studies confirm that marijuana use has no correlation to harder drug use. If a person had addictions issues thats not a reason to prevent others from using it . It calms people, it makes them more spiritual kind. Some of you talkbackers should realize that God cant be stored in a bottle of your choosing. Self accountability is an important stop. Pot much much better than cigs and beer. I saw on tv that in San Francisco it was decriminalized. The pot heads are all over the parks smoking so mothers with small children don't want to take their kids to the parks anymore. I don't want this near my home. Drugs and alcohol cause a lot of child abuse and neglect. You can't care for your kids properly when your head is a cloud. I smoked it when I was young. It wan't a big deal, but I never drove a car while under the influence. There comes a time when you have to grow up and clean up your act Buy Discount Cigarettes. It is immature to continue smoking into adulthood. Reefer Madness was an American propaganda film that helped demonize marijuana and led to criminalization and harsh enforcement. The lunatic ideas in this film are still used today a justification for keeping the herb illegal Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. I don't think there's any objective evidence to support the claim that marijuana is a dangerous substance. To the contrary, it seems clear that it has a wide variety of beneficial uses. Alcohol is far more damaging to human beings, yet because alcoholics tend to proliferate in the police and courts, this dangerous substance is easily available and very cheap. The number of regular marijuana users in this country is astounding. Only a small percentage of them can be classified as criminals. What has brought about the enforcement frenzy and targeting of otherwise law-abiding citizens? A simple answer: frustration. The police and army are used to carry out actions against a certain segment of our society that still believes in the legitimacy of the Jewish State and our legal right to the land from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. These actions (often violent) against this group are, in fact, illegal under our Basic Laws and under International Law Super Cheap Cigarette. Meanwhile, the segment of our society that works to eliminate the Jewish State gets a wink and a nod from the Courts. The police are frustrated and need to displace their anger on a target that's not capable of responding to them. The net result of this irrational persecution of marijuana users is to cause a rift in the society. Is this, perhaps, the desired goal? Marijuana should be legalized, regulated, and taxed in the same way that alcohol is regulated and taxed. Dont give me the TV regurgitated crap about Pot. Cigarettes lead to alchohol which leads to everything else. Of course you should not try and drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of anything. But stop the Tobacco and Alcohol those are the gateway drugs. It is just so common that people forget. You tell me how many divorces have happened because of Pot, and how many because of Alcohol. The wife basher generally pours a shot after his crime, he generally does not light up a joint. Go for the source of the problem
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