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The story begins with the clown grabbing a black bank with his hands, and the men are played by the clown's tricks and begin to kill each other. When the fake Batman tries to block the drug trade between the Mafia and the scarecrow. At this time, the real Batman appeared, and then he was newest tobacco hurt in the battle because the armor was too heavy and he wanted to redesign the bats. Batman, Captain Gordon and the new attorney general Harvey Dante plan will be Gang extermination, Harvey discloses the hero. At the same time, Bruce found Rachel and Dante in communication. The gang boss held a meeting to discuss how to deal with Batman, Gordon and Dante, Chinese accounting Gang Liu told the boss, he beat in Dante planned money plan before the seizure, the Mafia money to Hongkong. The clown suddenly appeared and proposed to use half of the black money to hire him to kill Batman and be rejected by the gangs. When Batman successfully grabbed Liu who fled to Hongkong and handed it to Gordon, the gangs agreed to hire a clown to kill Batman. At this time, the clown announced to Gotham that as long as the Batman does not surrender one day, there will be a death every day. When the clown assassinated the police chief rob and the judge of the gangs, Bruce decided to surrender. Before he gave himself up, first Dante claimed to be Batman, hoping to lead. The clown was appeared to kill Dante, but Gordon and Batman to stop and arrest. Batman began questioning the clown, he revealed that Rachel and Dante has been brought to the ends of the city, and placed two remote explosives, the distance between let Batman can't save them at the same time. Batman immediately set out to save Rachel, but Gordon and the police to save dante. But the clown deliberately Rachel and Dante's position said, let two people save the opposite object. By the shield of the bomb, the clown and Mr. Liu escaped from the police station. Batman instant to save Dante, but Dante was burned down the left half of his face, was rushed to the hospital. Gordon did not save Rachel and let her die in the explosion. Dante Rachel died insane. At this time the clown came to the hospital and released Dante and persuaded him to have revenge on the police, the gangs, the Gordon and the Batman, and Dante became a double - sided man. When Harvey interrogates and uses coins to #jeepokmk01 decide the life and death of the embezzlement police and gang members, the clown burns half of the gang's money with Mr. Liu. The clown once again announced that he would rule the street, and the citizens of Gotham would be ruled by him cheap 100s cigarette at night. The bridge and tunnel were blocked by hot smoking wholesale the clown's bomb threat, and the government began to evacuate the people by ferry. The clown had already put bombs on two ferries. A man carrying the general public, another carrying a prisoner and telling the passengers on both sides, the way to save himself is to detonate the other ship with his detonator first. Otherwise, the two ships would be destroyed by the remote control at midnight. The Batman locked the clown's position and prevented him from blowing up the boat. The clown was down, understanding is impossible to corrupt the Batman, but not dante. The clown has released Dante's fury. Batman found Dante kidnapped Gordon and his family, was brought to the wreckage of the death of Rachel building. Dante began to toss a coin to decide his own son's death, Batman and Gordon. Dante towards Batman belly shot. The little boy's life before Dante decided, Batman brought down Dante, two people at the same time falls, Dante unconsciously fell to the ground. Batman and Gordon know that if Harvey's murder of 5 people, such as the murder of the police, will make the city disorderly and morally depressed, and this is the greatest purpose of the clown. Batman persuaded Gordon, Batman himself to carry these charges, to maintain the heroic image of Harvey. The end of Batman Gordon issued arrest warrants smashed the bat signal lamp, and gave the title Batman the dark knight.

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