2017-12-04 Time
Monday, December 4, 2017 3:25 pm - 6:25 pm
New York
Brunei Darussalam
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At a height of 40000 feet, Keller Platt (Judy Foster) and his daughter Julia are going to return home from Berlin to New York. With her husband unexpectedly died of grief, unable to face the young Julia on father go in what place, Keller tried to suppress their emotions. However, the nightmare has not come to an end. On the contrary, it has just begun. The long flight made Keller tired, and #jeepokmk01 she woke up with a sleepy sleep, but found Julia suddenly disappeared at midnight. Sudden changes like a thunderbolt, mentally and physically exhausted Keller Popular Cigarette almost to the brink of madness, all the crew on the plane were a mess, desperately looking for missing out the 6 year old Julia. However, with all the power to search for the whole engine room, Julia did not see a trace. What Keller could not accept was that hundreds of passengers on board said they had never seen a little girl boarding. All the evidence began to point to the same conclusion, and Julia had never boarded this luxurious aircraft. The strong Keller is almost crazy about the successive attacks. But she is convinced that her daughter is on the plane. She decides not to listen to anyone's advice, and persistently search for the whereabouts of her daughter in every corner of the engine room. A time in the past, look and persistent Keller has infected every passenger on the plane, suspicion, jealousy, whispering, at the same time, Captain Ricci (Sean Binque) and air crew Brand Cigarette Marshall (Peter Sasgaard ornaments) also began to Keller's behavior and words of doubt. It wasn't long before the more amazing news came. I heard that Julia had died Smoking Cigarettes six days ago! What is the Kellers women eager, confusion, or some people in order to create the illusion of not to be divulged to.

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