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December 22, 2017
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Hong Kong

Macao has always had much to offer for the hungry traveler. As a nod to the city's Lusophone Newport 100S new presents heritage, there are restaurants still specialize in Portuguese cuisine. A Petisqueira and Comida Portuguesa O Santos have, been serving customers bacalhau (or cod cakes), seafood rice, sardines and more, for decades. It's as close to authentic Portuguese you can get without flying to Portugal itself. Both restaurants are located at the popular Taipa Village, a must-visit location for foodies. "A Petisqueira is a small quaint place with good food and fast service," recommends Nalini R Raja Krishnan, a production manager from Singapore. "Their Newport 100S christmas gifts seafood paella was just too good and every table seemed to be ordering the clams " like two plates each." Jackie Le from Fort Lauderdale, Florida approves of the suckling pig at 'O Santos' Comida Porguesa."The owner is such a character!" Of course, one can't come to Macao and not indulge the pastel de nata, or as we know it in English: Portuguese egg tarts. Different from the equally famous egg tarts of neighboring Hong Kong, the Portuguese version offers a creamy custard with a torched caramelized skin, encased in puff pastry shell (instead of a shortcrust one). Reena Raj from tttlk3#l7yl1`3 Malaysia said she was happy Newport 100S never a fan of egg tarts until she sampled one from the popular Lord Stow's bakery in Coloane two years ago. "It was so soft and creamy, and the fragrance that hits you, especially when fresh out of the oven, would get you drooling," she says.