The need for tobacco control in public places
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The need for tobacco control in public places

2017-12-07 Time
Thursday, December 7, 2017 4:47 pm - 7:47 pm
Trinidad and Tobago
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The author's rural home in recent years gradually formed some bad habits, but also intensified. Mainly for the following three aspects: First, eat and drink rise; the second is smoking, drinking wind prominent; Third, gambling in vogue. And these bad habits have gradually spreading, very bad hotsale cigarettes influence. Now, I will borrow this rural home smoking newport cigarettes habits, to talk about my personal views.


Forming comparisons of the wind


In recent years, some villagers gradually develop a mutual competition problems. Take smoke as a example, when the villagers consume compare with each other, not far behind. What smoke your home feast use, my family will follow what the smoke cheap newport cigarettes, and sometimes some of Newport 100s cigarettes the grade will improve, so I felt face, not lost to others. Some families in cigarette consumption compare with each other, not to give way. Of course, some families still due to economic conditions, is more than affordable, it is to win to win. But there are also many families economic conditions did not so good, once the wedding would have to borrow money to make arrangements. However, in their view, to borrow money should do, even if you want to hit a swollen face full of fat, still feel worth it. The end result is to win the face, lost in the sub. Take the author's rural home as a example, located in the mountains, poor economic conditions, many people go to work outside their livelihoods. Even so, in the banquet arrangements with smoke newport 100 carton still Huangshan past 7,8 yuan, gradually evolved into Pu Wan of 13 yuan, Yuxi of 21 yuan, gold Anhui of 28 yuan, and even Hard China of 45 yuan. You can say two or three years to a new level, comparisons of the wind more and more intense, serious impact on the local folk.

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